Beara Breifne Way

Follow the fourteen-day march taken by Donal O’ Sullivan Beara and one thousand supporters in 1603 on the Beara Breifne Way

The Beautiful Beara Breifne Way

  The Beara Brefine Way, the longest in Ireland, runs almost the length of the country and takes the walker and cyclist to some of its most beautiful and least explored areas, along the coast of the Beara Peninsula including The Beara Way, across six mountain ranges, along the banks of the River Shannon and through the lake regions of the Roscommon and Leitrim. 

The Way runs 500 km north from Beara in Co. Cork to Breifne in Co. Leitrim, following generally the line of the 17th century march of O’Sullivan Beare, the last great chieftain of West Cork. The landscape consists of an extraordinary variety of heritage sites – many of which bear witness to the march of four hundred years ago. The Beara- Breifne Way interlinks a series of local ways. The Beara-Breifne Way, links a series of way-marked routes. The local way on the Beara Peninsula is called The Beara Way. It is approximately 220 km in length and completes a circuit of impressive coastal and mountain scenery, before turning inland to Kealkill.

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