Adrigole Loop Walk

O’Sullivan’s Mile

This route starts at the quay at Trafrask and follows the coast to Faha. Along the way you have 2 strands and a pier. The route is named after the 5 O’Sullivan Brothers who died in the 2nd World War on the same Naval Ship serving with the US Navy. Their ancestors came from the parish of Adrigole and emigrated to the US. The film Saving Private Ryan is based loosely on this famous family.

Loop Guiding 

A-B. Starting from the mapboard in the car park follow the green (and purple) arrows along the forestry road back towards the exit. The purple arrows are for the longer Bullig Bay Loop. After 200m you reach a Y-junction where the Bullig Bay Loop veers right - but you veer left onto a forestry track.

B-C. Over the next 400m the loop descends gently through woodland to reach a 3-way junction where you rejoin the purple loop on its return and turn left.

C-A. Continue to follow the green and purple arrows along a woodland track along the edge of Bullig Bay - and enjoy the 500m back to the trailhead.