Berehaven Bus Service


O'Donghue's, The Square, Castletownbere, 027 70007

Mondays to Bantry

Depart Ctb 9.30am. Arrive Glengarriff 10.10am. Arrive Bantry 10.40am

Depart Bantry 12.00pm. Arrive Glengarriff 12.20pm. Arrive Ctb 1.00pm

Depart Ctb 4.30pm. Arrive Glengarriff 5.20pm. Arrive Bantry 5.40pm

Depart Bantry 5.50pm. Arrive Glengarriff 6.10pm. Arrive Ctb 6.55pm

Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays to Bantry

Depart Ctb 10.30am. Arrive Glengarriff 11.20am. Arrive Bantry 11.50am

Depart Bantry 3.45pm. Arrive Glengarriff 4.05pm. Arrive Ctb 5pm

Thursdays to Cork

Depart Castletownbere 7.30am. Arrive Glengarriff 8.10am. Arrive Bantry 8.30am. Arrive Cork 10.10

Depart Cork 6pm. Arrive Bantry 7.45pm. Arrive Glengarriff, Arrive Castletownbere 8.45pm