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25 things you should know about Beara

1.The Celts first landed in Ireland at Garnish near the westernmost end of the peninsula.

2. The Beara Peninsula was named after a Spanish princess, Princess Beara.

3. The highest waterfall in Ireland and the UK is the Mare's Tail in Adrigole.

4, The warmest place in Ireland is by Adrigole Bridge in Adrigole.

5. The oldest writing on a stone in Ireland is pre-Ogham and can be found in Glentastel, Lauragh.

6. Berehaven harbour is the second safest natural harbour in the world.

7. The Cailleach Beara is one of the oldest mythological antiquities in Ireland.

8. The four mythological Children of Lir are buried in Allihies.

9. 511 historical sites, some dating back to 2000 B.C. can be found on the Beara Peninsula, making it the location of one of the highest number of antiquities in one area in Ireland. Bonane Valley has many fine examples.

10. The Beara Peninsula is the only peninsula in Ireland that is located in two counties -- Cork and Kerry.

11. O Sullivan Beare is the only Irish chieftain whom Queen Elizabeth I of England did not pardon after the battle of Kinsale .

12. O Sulivan Beare's march in 1603 is the most famous march in Irish history.

13. The freshwater mussels that live in the Ardgroom area are over 100 years old--the oldest living shellfish on the peninsula.

14. In 1796, the French longboat landed in Bere island and Wolfe Tone anchored in Berehaven harbour at the same time.

15. In 1914, Berehaven harbour was the most fortified harbour in western Europe with the cannons on bere Island.
16. After one hundred years of being mined, the copper mines in Allihies are so deep and extensive that they go under the sea.

17. The Dursey Cable Car is the only cable car in Ireland.

18. The Glengarriff Forest is home to the oldest oak trees in Ireland.

19. The Beara Peninsula is home to one of the rarest birds in Ireland -- the Chough.

20. Ballydonegan in Allihies is the only beach in Ireland made from crushed stone; the stone was taken from the copper mines

21 The tallest birch in Ireland is a downy birch, 25m high growing in Lauragh

22 The tallest ogham stone in the world can be found in Eyeries.

23 In the Viking age Dursey Island was used as a slave depot.

24 Blackball in Cahermore was a volcanic area.

25 The Beara Peninsula is the most scenic route in Ireland.

Living in Beara has many benefits and perhaps most people know Beara for its stunning scenery and friendly people. However many visitors also experience a peninsula where life progresses at a different pace, a peninsula which has tradition and a sense of community, with local businesses, industries, arts and crafts, vibrant clubs and organisations, excellent primary and secondary schools. Learn more about life on Beara and discover a place to come to that you may never want to leave.

Fish into the Past ! Fishing has always played a huge part in the history of Beara. From the age old tradition of inshore fishing to images of the newest Beara Fishing boats we have photo galleries and information in the Commercial Fishingpages

2003 was the 400 year anniversary of O'Sullivan Beara's historic march in 1603, from Beara, Co. Cork to Co. Leitrim. Click here to find out more about the O'Sullivan Clan and upcoming anniversaries

Beara plays host to many quality food manufacturers. The beautiful countryside is ideal for growing organic fruit and vegetables. Lamb as well as cattle graze in the green pastures of the area.
Cheese Mileen's cheese, Eyeries,
Food Production Co-Action, food production unit. (G Reaney)
Wines Nellie's Wine Cellar, quality wines. Urhan
Fish Production Castletownbere Eiranova fisheries ltd, - fish processing, Beara Seafood’s - fish processing. The Fisherman’s Co-op, fish processing plant, Elphi Fish Products - fish based products.
Shellfish Shellfish de la Mer, shrimp and crab processing. Castletownbere
Organic Vegetables Organic vegetables are grown throughout the peninsula and can be bought in any of the local shops.

Local Meat Herds of sheep and cattle graze the Beara Mountains. Local meat can be bought in any of the local butcher shops.


Our life boat the Annette Hutton, based in Castletownbere

Branding Beara on the World Scene, the Beara brand name is quickly becoming renowned worldwide. People who have connections and links with the area from as far afield as Australia and America are utilising the brand name Beara. People who have ancestral roots in the region, who are simply attracted to the sheer beauty of Beara and others who have a sense of pride in their native region are the most likely candidates to utilise the brand name Beara. The brand name Beara is used both nation-wide and worldwide exclusively for names of firms, products, books, ships and art creations.

Films and mini-series' Produced in the Beara Peninsula, the Beara Peninsula is the ideal location to produce films and mini-series. Its natural and unique landscape is the main attraction of the region, which has enticed people to come to the area to shoot and produce films for many years.
Films of all sorts have been shot on the Beara Peninsula. Among the most popular are "Falling for a Dancer", "Purple Taxi", "Moondance" and "Early Winter". One of Deirdre Purcell's best sellers "Falling for A Dancer", a mini-series production, was filmed in the Beara region. This particular mini-series received a very successful viewing both nationwide and worldwide. "Purple Taxi" was filmed many years ago in the multi-coloured picturesque village of Eyeries. "Moondance" is another film in which many scenes were shot in all areas of the Beara Peninsula.

"Early Winter" which was premiered in January '99 was produced and directed by Maximillian le Cain. Maximillian le Cain from the Beara Peninsula is a promising talented young man. With all the successful films and mini-series that have been produced in the region the Beara Peninsula has become extremely appropriate for film making.


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Saoirse Ronan Colin Farrell
Beara is often chosen for movie set locations, stars like Saoirse Ronan (above left) and Colin Farrell feature in films shot here. One of Colin's first appearances was filmed here. Check out Movies in Beara

Beara is rich in flora, scenery, walks, movie making and steeped in history. On this page you will find links to these things which we hope you will enjoy and re-visit

Our Accommodation, shops and services are shown by map, please point and click on the village of your choice on the map and you will be taken there. If you wish to know when the ferries are running or the cable car please click on Timetables at the top of the page

Beara The Beara Peninsula is the wildest and most romantic of the peninsulas in the South West. Start your journey of discovery at Glengarriff to open out one of the largest of the long peninsulas, which make up the highly indented coastline of the South West of Ireland.
The peninsula stretches for a distance of 48km (30 miles) from Glengarriff to Dursey Island and back to Kenmare. We have an un spoilt and magnificent landscape, which sweeps from the spine of the Caha hills down to the shores of Bantry Bay and Kenmare Bay. The Beara Tourism and Development Association has done work over the years to develop this resource for visitors while still keeping in mind our obligation to preserve the environment    
Stone Circles Fishing    
Maybe you would like to find out more about types of flowers that grow on the Beara Peninsula. We have a wonderful garden centre called Garra Fado near the village of Eyeries, and there is Derreen Gardens in Lauragh with lots of colour, bamboo plants, eucalyptus trees and sweeping lawns. You can also, if you wish, visit our webpage devoted to the types of flowers we have here on Beara, click here Beara Flora    

In recent years we have developed the Beara Way Walking Route regarded by many as the best in Ireland, covering 125 miles and taking in some of the most breathtaking scenery imaginable. The Beara Cycling Route has also been developed and links up with the Beara - Kilgarvan and Beara-Gougane Barra Cycling Routes.


Beara Way

Beara Brochure

Beara has unique distinctions as the northern part of the peninsula straddles South Kerry and the southern part is firmly rooted in West Cork.

I hope the information we provide will help you to choose Beara as your holiday destination. Why should you choose the Beara Peninsula? There are many reasons, not least of which is the fact that it has one of the most scenic, un spoilt landscapes in Western Europe. The friendliness of its people will certainly lend itself to making you feel very much at home.



Maps to download


Beara Way Book
Beara has a profusion of archaeological sites, over 600 identified so far, ranging from wedge graves, stone circles, ring forts, "fulacht fiadh" and  ancient church sites to the tallest ogham stone in the world (17 ½ feet / 5.3m) situated at Ballycrovane, Eyeries. Many movies and television programmes have been made here. The picture shown here was taken on the set at the Kilcatherine graveyard where scenes for the tv series 'The Royal' were being shot. To view our Movies page please click here
The Royal

As Chairman of the Committee responsible for promoting and developing tourism on the Beara Peninsula, I would like to welcome you to the Beara Tourism Web Site.

John Murphy
Chairman  of Beara Tourism and Development Association

Click here for map of the Ring of Beara ( 50KB )

Click here for click able map of Beara Way Walking Route (50KB )


For the angling enthusiast, we can offer lake and shore angling. We've got the fish - all you need is your rod.

There are safe bathing spots all around the coast with sandy beaches at Allihies and Garnish.

Whatever your holiday needs, I have no doubt you will find Beara an attractive destination.


Mines Museum The North Engine (above) stands prominently over the village of Allihies. There is now a museum (see left) in the village to show what conditons were like for the people connected to the copper mines    



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