Welcome to the Beara Peninsula
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The Joys of Living on Beara



Did you ever think of re-locating to the Beara Peninsula with its natural beauty and tranquil surroundings? It is a finger-like peninsula that projects into the depths of the Atlantic Sea and boasts magnificent rugged and unspoilt scenery.

Is it any wonder it is the perfect paradise to raise children? One can be free as a bird in the peaceful environs of the Beara region. It is a far cry from the hustle and bustle of contemporary society in the city. It is an idyllic peninsula where people are warm-hearted and welcoming towards both young and old.

 Exchanging daily greetings is a habitual ritual amongst the inhabitants of the Beara Peninsula and it is this what makes life special in the region. Life in Beara is hassle free, pollution free and traffic free. What more can one ask for? The crime rate is extremely low due to the nature of the inhabitants and the efficient police force. Children in the area receive an excellent education which enables them to go further afield with their abilities. Never is there a dull moment on the Beara Peninsula. From the electric atmosphere of the local pubs to organised activities and events, the Peninsula indeed caters for both young and old.

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