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Clubs and Organisations

Angling Club (Ardgroom).

Beara Action Group
Beara Arts Society.

Beara Camera Club meets in Twomeys Bar once a month
Beara Historical Society
Beara I.F.A (Irish Farming Association)
Beara Inshore Fishermen
Beara L.E.T.S.
Beara Outdoor pursuits Sailing Windsurfing Canoeing 
Beara Sports Hall
Beara Tourism Development Association.
Berehaven Golf and Amenity Park
Boat Club.

Castletownbere Business Development Association.
Community Alert.
Community Care
Crêche, Allihies and Castletownbere
Credit Union Ltd.
Cub Scouts.
Day Care Centre.
G.A.A(Gaelic Athletic Association)
Irish Country Women's Association. (I.C.A.)
I.S.W.F.O. Irish South and West Fisherman's Organisation.

Macra (Rural Youth association)
Marine Rescue Service 
Royal National Lifeboat Institute (R.N.L.I.)
Soccer Clubs
Tourism Associations:
Bere Island

Youth Clubs

Youth Clubs
    There have been youth clubs running in the Beara Peninsula for many years. They are based in Community halls in all the parishes of the peninsula including Castletownbere, Allihies, Ardgroom, Eyeries, Adrigole and Tuosist. All of these Youth Clubs are voluntary run for the youth in the peninsula between the ages of 12 and 17. They comprise of a committee, Adult leaders and Youth leaders. All of these Youth Clubs are registered with the Kerry Diocesan Youth Service. Every Friday night many young people attend them. They commence at 9.00pm and end at 11.00pm. During this period many activities such as basketball, drama, soccer, chess, draughts, badminton, table tennis, pool and Uni. -Hockey are played by the youth. These activities are then proceeded by a disco to finish the night. Throughout the year all the clubs gather together at different venues for Halloween, Christmas, and Easter discos. All the youth clubs are also involved in raising money for charity, talent competitions and performing plays in the locality.

Royal National Lifeboat Institute (R.N.L.I.)
    In 1970 the R.N.L.I.'s first lifeboat called the "The Original" was in service in the U.K. This lifeboat was in service at sea for 40 years. On the 25th of October 1997 the Roy and Barbara Harding lifeboat was put in service at Castletownbere. The Roy and Barbara Harding lifeboat was built in 1987 and it was originally stationed in the Aran Islands for 10 years. The lifeboat was paid by R.N.L.I. funds. The Roy and Barbara Harding lifeboat is 52 feet and 9 inches in length and has a range of 230 miles. The maximum speed of the lifeboat is 18 knots. The lifeboats primary aim is to save lives and assist vessels and people in distress at sea. Currently the lifeboat is under assessment for the first year to verify if Castletownbere is an appropriate lifeboat station. The crew of the Roy and Barbara Harding lifeboat consists of 21, which comprises of 16 males and 5 females. A crew of 5-6 is required when a rescue is being performed at sea.
Honorary Secretary- Mr. Donal O' Driscoll
Boathouse No: 027-7099

Irish CountryWomen's Association. (I.C.A.)
    The I.C.A. is a women's organisation which dates from the earlier part of this century. It brings together women from all different backgrounds to practice crafts of all types once a week. The organisation is broken into guilds, which is the term used to describe the groups in each area. In Beara there are guilds, in Castletownbere itself and the surrounding villages. A national president presides over the organisation as well as officers in each area and again in each guild, e.g. there would be a president of Eyeries I.C.A. as well as one in Adrigole I.C.A. the organisation provides an outlet for women living in the area who may not have other hobbies and interests and may not get the opportunity to go out that often. Many members practice traditional crafts while others may be interested in things as diverse as origami. Demonstrations are given by visiting speakers and inter guild competitions in activities such as set dancing are common. All in all it is a group that allows women to meet others, to perfect existing skills they may already possess, to exhibit the fruits of their labour and most importantly to just sit and have a chat. 
Contact name and number for each guild.
Bere Island:

Beara Action Group (B.A.G)
    Beara Action Group is an elected representative body of the Beara Peninsula. Beara Action Group has been in operation since 1995. B. A. G is working for the public and is assisted by FAS the national employment and training body. The County Enterprise Board assisted the initial setting up of office equipment. B.A.G. offers a variety of facilities and services to the people of the Beara peninsula. Services comprise of laminating, binding, shredding, photocopying, fax service, printing raffle tickets, C.V.'s, thesis's and cards. A new service that is currently available is Internet Access. The Chairman of Beara Action Group is Mr. Denis Regan.
Opening Hours:
Mon-Fri 9.30-5.00
PH NO: 027-70880 Fax no: 027 71062

Berehaven Golf and Amenity Park
    In 1918, the British seized 65 acres at Filane, Castletownbere and constructed a 9-hole golf course. They evacuated in 1938 and the land was returned to the Irish Government. It was then returned to Jack C. Murphy in 1958. In 1965 the golf course was sold to a Dutch company. The Golf course was purchased by the Golf Committee in 1985 and voluntary work commenced in the spring of 1986. Since then and over the years the course has improved immensely. At present a newly constructed club house exists set in a scenic location and comprises of many facilities such as showers and toilets, a sauna, a games room and a bar and dining area which caters for functions, parties and buffets. The Berehaven Golf and Amenity Park also boasts of outdoor facilities such as a caravan and Camper Park, crazy golf and tennis courts. The chairperson is Mr. John Nolan and the President is Mr. Barry Harrington .
Ph No : 027-70700

    Co- Action was founded in 1974, an organisation for individuals with special needs it has been rapidly expanding since 1974. Co-action established a workshop in Bantry in 1982 and then branched out and developed a Co-Action training workshop in the Beara Peninsula in Castletownbere in July 1996. At present this workshop is in operation 5 days a week and 13 workers are involved in the functioning of the training workshop at Bank Place in Castletownbere. Three FAS workers are involved with Castletownbere Co-Action training workshop. This workshop performs many activities and services ranging from jam making to office services. Jam making is one of their principal activities along with assembling chairs, art and craftwork and weaving. Office services include laminating, binding, fax service and printing Lotto cards, wedding invitations, raffle cards and booklets. Many of their products are sold throughout the peninsula. Many of the workers gain experience in supermarkets and hotels in the peninsula. As the training workshop is continuously expanding they intend on changing their location to a building in the North Road which will be more appropriate for their activities. The number of workers will also increase from 13 to 25. The manageress of Castletownbere Co-Action training workshop is Mrs Una Ni Charra.
Opening Hours:
Mon -Thurs    
PH NO: 027- 70835

Credit Union Ltd. 
    The Berehaven Credit Union Ltd. has been servicing the Beara Peninsula for a number of years. The Berehaven Credit Union exists primarily for the benefit of its members. Members of the Credit Union benefit from the profit accrued by the Berehaven Credit Union. The Credit Union provides a numerous service for the people of the Beara Peninsula. It provides Life Insurance cover for all eligible members shares and they can also avail of free loan Life Insurance up to the age of eighty. Members can apply for loans and their voluntary Health Insurance premiums are reduced by 10%. Other additional services provided by the Credit Union include financial and tax advice, house insurance and special rate railway tickets. The Manageress of the Berehaven Credit Union is Miss Yvonne Power.
Opening Hours:
Mon-Fri 9.30am-2.00pm, 3.00-5.00
Friday Night 8.00pm-9.00pm.
Ph No: 027-70633

Castletownbere Business Development Association
    The Business Development Association was set up in 1996 in response to further development of the Beara peninsula. This association is supported by many businesses throughout Beara. All of these businesses contribute certain amounts of money to the association in order to support the festival activities that occur throughout the year in the Beara Peninsula. The Business Development Association is accountable for organising entertainment in the Castletownbere Square, festival activities and maintaining the overall appearance of Castletownbere. Annually they also organise the Christmas lighting throughout Castletownbere, the Christmas Shop Local draw, the June Bank Holiday weekend and also they enter Castletownbere into the Tidy Town's competition. The F.B.D. milk cycling race was organised by the association, which was held on May 20th 1998. The Chairman of the Castletownbere Business Association 
is Mr. Oliver O' Sullivan and the secretary is Mrs. Anne-Marie Cronin. Committee meetings are held on a weekly basis and public meetings are held at various intervals throughout the year.

Beara Historical Society.
    The Beara Historical Society was founded in 1986. During the past twelve years members and visitors alike have visited local sites of historical and archaeological interest. Meetings are generally held every third Sunday in the summer months when scenic walking routes are often followed to get to the areas of interest. The meetings however are often subject to the occasion of other local events and therefore announcements are made at mass and posters are displayed in local shops with details of forthcoming meetings. During the winter months local historians give talks, often featuring slideshows, guest speakers are always well received and supported with high attendances from both members and those not affiliated to the group. The group organises an annual visit to a place of interest outside of the immediate area of the Beara Peninsula. These prove both informative and interesting. The committee may be contacted for further information.
President: Tom Mason.
Chairperson: Gerard Harrington.
Vice-Chairperson: Connie Murphy.
Secretary: Brendan Finch.

I.S.W.F.O. Irish South and West Fisherman's Organisation.
    This organisation was established with five primary aims, to help the fishermen of the area between the Shannon Estuary and that of the Munster Blackwater. The first aim of the group is to provide an established organisation for fishermen, in essence a local union for fishermen of the area. As well as providing the fishermen of the area with leadership, the group attempts to give local fishermen a voice on the local, national and European stage through establishing direct contact between fishermen and their leaders on a regular basis. In order to further the interests of fishermen of the South and West Coast one of the group's objectives is to have representations on all committees and bodies related to sea fishing. The organisation's offices are situated on the pier in Castletownbere near the square and may be contacted by fax or telephone at 027 70670.

Cub Scouts. 
    A division of the now international organisation founded by Lord Baden Powell in 1907 exists in the local area. Over 15 million young people belong to the organisation worldwide and the local pack, a member of the Carbery section, caters for boys between the ages of seven and twelve. They meet once (usually Monday nights) to learn basic skills of orienteering and knot tying. They proceed to earn badges for different tasks completed and follow a motto "Be prepared" in everyday life. Inter pack days are regularly held where packs from different areas meet and compete in such activities as treasure hunts, soccer tournaments and for those not athletically inclined there are table quizzes. Cubs are encouraged to be aware of their environment and nature and river walks are regularly undertaken often leading to many soaked children waddling home in water logged wellingtons. Being a voluntary organisation the cubs count on local fundraising to facilitate trips to camps and the annual outing to the cinema or pantomime after Christmas. Bingo is held weekly to raise funds for the local pack and is always well supported. To get involved with the local cub pack contact Mr. J.J. McLaughlin or Mrs. Elizabeth McCarthy who are the leaders in this area.

 Day Care Centre.
The day care centre is operated by the Southern Health Board and is intended to care for senior citizens and those with psychiatric problems. The service is available three times weekly with Wednesdays being devoted to young adults

G.A.A.(Gaelic Athletic Association)
The G.A.A. has always held great support in the Beara Area, with parish matches becoming a community event and an occasion for all age groups to enjoy. The G.A.A caters for both young and old in Beara with teams ranging from the under-12's to the minor (under-18s), junior and senior teams. The Castletownbere pitch at Droum (just outside the town on the Allihies road) has been fitted with floodlights and an efficient drainage system and so is suitable for all year training. Other football grounds around the peninsula may be found at Cahermore, Eyeries and Urhan. Inter peninsula matches are commonplace and to keep informed one should monitor local shop windows. The Beara team which is made up of members from each part of the peninsula are quite a strong force in the Cork area and both the men's and women's teams invariably meet with success in matches within the county as a whole. The love for G.A.A in the area is fostered at both Primary and Secondary level within the schools, with teams reaching the all Ireland final at Secondary level. Many of those who play at school level go on to play for Cork at both under 21 and senior level in inter county matches, unlike national sports in other countries G.A.A. players are not paid for their performances and so it takes much dedication and effort to achieve and maintain the high standard expected by your local or county team. Many local businesses sponsor the various teams and fundraising is undertaken throughout the year. 
Contact committee members for further information. 


The brownies is in effect the equivalent of the cub scouts for young girls from the ages of seven to twelve whereupon they progress to the Girl Guides. An organisation that have been present in Castletownbere for many years the Brownies is run by volunteers the leader of whom is called the Brown Owl. The girls perform tasks such as knot tying, needlework, arts and crafts in order to gain badges. They meet once a week for, when they learn songs different skills and play games.

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