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Clouagh Bay House
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Foromanes House

Eyeries, the most colourful village in Ireland

While the Way does not pass directly through the village it is close by and is an ideal starting off point. There are two points to join, one beside O'Sullivans Foodmarket, where you will see a pointer across the road for the Beara Way, Shore Angling and Beach. The other is at the opposite end of the village just east of the Post Office, it follows a lane that winds its way down to a pier

The ruins of the old Coastguard Station which stands at the entrance to Ballycrovane Harbour. The Beara Way passes right beside it. If you join the Way by taking the lane from near Eyeries Post Office when you reach the pier start walking to your right and you come to the ruins after about a mile
Foromanes House 027 74360
Morty og Cottage
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The Post Office

Post Office & Grocery Store

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Anam Cara
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Ballycrovane Harbour. The Way passes beside the house in the distance. It is well worth coming out to the pier from where this picture was taken

The Hag of Beara

The view of the village on the approach road from Castletownbere


Eyeries Strand. This view can be had as you walk along the coastal route of the Way from the Thiefs Bridge to the Coastguard Station


View of Beara like this one of Eyeries are available as prints for framing at Views of Ireland


The Hag of Beara. A short distance off the Way, but an important place to visit. From the direction of Ballycrovane walk to the Loch Fada turn, then keep to the main road for another mile. The road goes down into a dip and then climbs steeply. At the top of this just off the road stands the rock

Eyeries from the Cross

Eyeries Village seen from the Kenmare Road

Over the years Eyeries has been the location for several movies. As well as 'Falling for a Dancer' there was 'The Purple Taxi' with Fred Astaire. Foreign language films have been made here and the tv drama The Royal

Eyeries as a film set

Scenes from Deirdre Purcell's 'Falling for a Dancer'

'Nealie' and child



Above are scenes from 'Falling for a Dancer' which starred Dermot Crowley (seen with child) and Colin Farrell in one of first starring roles
  Rover Rover
  Above shows scenes of an advertisement for Rover cars
The Royal The Royal The Royal
Above shows scenes of the ITV drama series The Royal being shot in Kilcatherine Graveyard
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