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marker Ardgroom On the Beara Way

Ardgroom Stone Circle

The stone circle is close to the Beara Way on the eastern side of the village of Ardgroom. It is clearly marked as you come in from Lauragh and is well worth visiting


Glenbeg Lake


Palace Leaving Loch Fada, heading towards Ardgroom. Beyond the skellig hill lies Glenbeg Lake, the village is just out of picture on the left

Mariane Klop

Marianne Klopp Pottery

027 74919


As you leave Lauragh behind and cut through the mountain pass this view of Pallas Harbour comes upon you The Village Sea Villa
Ardgroom Caves The view of the village as seen as you walk from the Lauragh direction on the back road

Sea Villa B&B

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Ardgroom Caves

To get there drive on the road that passes the Church on the Ring of Beara, it is a couple of miles after Pallas Harbour

Glenbeg Hilde heinz
Ardgroom Post Office

Glenbeg Lake

It is about two miles off the Beara Way route but it is well worth a visit for its hill climbing and walking

Hilde Heinz

027 74148

Ardgroom Post Office

027 74003

Aerial view The Village Inn


The hill in the centre lies to the left of the above picture and contains the remains of an ancient underground fort. There used to be tunnels going deep into the ground, but most if not all have been filled up for safety reasons. the village of Ardgroom lies just beyond it

An aerial view of the village

The road on the left is coming in from Castletownbere (passing the bungalow) first turn right goes to Glenbeg Lake, next right is the back road along which the Beara Way goes, also the route to the Stone Circle, the main street through village goes down to the next junction at which stands Ardgroom Post Office, turn right there for Kenmare, or go straight ahead for the Ring of Beara route to Eyeries, a scenic coastal road that will take you past the caves, the Kilcatherine Graveyard and the Hag of Beara

The Village Inn

027 74067

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