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Bere Island's Military Connection

Bere Island was one of three Treaty Ports retained by the British, a condition of the Anglo-Irish Treaty that was signed December 6th 1921. It remained under the control of the British up to September 1938, when it was handed back to the Irish. Two other Treaty Ports, Lough Swilly and Cobh were handed back earlier that year.

6 inch gun This six inch gun looks down Bantry Bay with a commanding view of the approaches to Berehaven from the east. It is sited at Lonehart Fort at the eastern end of the island  
The Irish Tricolour is raised over Bere Island Barracks on September 26th 2008 marking 70 years since the handover of the island from the British to the Irish. 70th Anniversay  
6 inch gun Another view of the 6 inch gun at Lonehart Fort, it was never fired in anger  
Fort Fort  
The pictures above show the fort in its present state. It is hoped that there will be a restoration of the complex to allow visitors in to view what it was like.  
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